Petroleum Engineering and Fueling Systems Construction
Petroleum Engineering and Fueling Systems Construction

Past Projects:

Take a look at some of our completed projects.

Client Name: Marathon Jet Center FBO
Project Type: Jet A Fueling System Installation
Location: Marathon Keys, FL

Description: This Aviation Fueling System was built at the Marathon Airport for an FBO as part of a publicly bid project in Monroe County, Florida.

The scope of work consists of installation of a 12,000-gallon UL-2085 Super Vault AST and a combination Fueling Skid capable of transport off loading (200 USGPM), refueler loading (160 USGPM), and direct-to-plane refueling (60 USGPM).

Installation included concrete piers completed into underlying coral bedrock to comply with local regulations, welded 304 stainless steel piping, fabrication of platform for Fueling Skid, all electrical work, system start up, and training.

Client Name: Scottsdale Air Center FBO
Project Type: Aviation Fueling System Installation
Location: Scottsdale, AZ

Description: The opportunity to participate in this project came through client referral. AS was awarded the contract based on technical merit and past experience in constructing aviation fuel systems.

The scope of work for this design/build project included installation of 2-30,300-gallon 100 LL UST, Jet and Avgas Fueling skids, all underground piping, electrical (power and communications), and EBW electronic leak detection system. Production of CAD drawings and securing all required fueling systems permits was included in the scope of work. The Jet Fuel Skid unloads transports and loads refuelers at 300 USGPM, while the Avgas Skid unloads and loads at 200 USGPM. All underground piping is double wall fiberglass (4” primary for Jet, 3” primary for Avgas). The leak detection system monitors tank interstitial, piping interstitial, and piping sumps.

This full service FBO also owns/operates similar facilities in New Mexico and Colorado. Project required a high degree of coordination with the design firm, general contractor, and Owner and was completed on time and under budget.

Client Name: Allied Automotive Group
Project Type: Fleet Fueling System Installation
Location: Jacksonville, FL

Description: This Fleet Fueling System was a design/build project for one of the largest automotive hauling firms in the U.S. Designed as a prototype for future installations, the scope consisted of installation of a new 12,000- gallon double-wall UL-2085 fire-rated AST and relocation on site of the Owner's existing 12,000-gallon AST.

  • A remote fill station was installed between the ASTs with off loading pump, positive pump shut-off tied to fuel level, and redundant overfill alarms.
  • Welded schedule 40 steel supply piping was run 175' between the ASTs and (3) new fueling islands built under the existing building canopy.
  • Fuel is dispensed via a pair of PMC Master/Satellite systems with dual filtration, overhead hose retractors, 15' x 1" hoses, and high-flow nozzles.
  • Inventory monitoring is accomplished using a Veeder Root TLS-350 system.
  • Completion of the project necessitated removal and replacement of the existing 90' x 35' concrete pad under the building, relocation of multiple air compressors, excavation and disposal of unsuitable soil, and upgrading of the existing underground vapor extraction system.

The project required a high level of coordination between AS personnel and several Client department heads and was completed to the overall satisfaction of the Client.

Client Name: INOVA Fairfax Hospital
Project Type: Jet A Helicopter Fueling System Installation
Location: Falls Church, VA

Description: This design/build helicopter refueling system began as a design contract with an architectural firm in Washington, D.C. Once
the design was completed, AS was asked to submit a proposal to the general contractor and was eventually awarded the contract on the basis of technical merit and past experience.

The scope consists of installation of a 12,000-gallon double wall fiberglass Jet Fuel UST with deadman system, a Pump/Filtration Skid (PFT), a Remote Dispenser Skid (RDS), and a Veeder Root TLS-300C leak detection system. The PFT will off load fuel transports at 200 USGPM; the RDS will dispense into helicopters up to 60 USGPM. The underground piping consists of double wall fiberglass from PFT to UST, double wall EnviroFlex piping from PFT to the piping transition sump, and double wall welded 304 stainless steel from the sump to the RDS mounted on the rooftop next to the helicopter landing pad.

Ensat’s scope was expanded to include an 8,000-gallon ACT-100 steel underground oil water separator with deadman system, installed adjacent to the Jet Fuel UST.

Extensive coordination between several firms on the Design Team, general contractor, mechanical contractor, electrical contractor, and the Owner has been required from Day One of this project.

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